Sonntag, 24. Januar 2010

End of

Haru’s P.O.V

You were relaxing in the hot water, leaned back at a rock wall, when you heard someone jump into the water. Opening your eyes, you looked around and suddenly saw a unclear shadow in the steam but as fast as it had appeared, it was also gone. In the next second you were suddenly pinned to the wall, you had just leaned against. Two golden eyes stared into your crimson ones and you finally understood that it was Sesshomaru, who had attacked you.

"Sesshomaru, what are you doing?" you asked a bit timid. Though you kinda enjoyed the position you were in. "Taking what I want the most at the moment" was his simple answer before he crashed his lips into yours. In the moment your lips meet, you could feel that it wasn’t just lust that urged him on, it also was pure love. You didn’t wait long to response the kiss by pressing harder against him, while you wrapped your arms around his neck, tangling you fingers in his hair. This was what you dreamed of for so long. Feeling your response, Sesshomaru wrapped his arms around your waist and pressed himself harder against you, making you moan softly at the feeling of his hard body against yours. Angling your head to the side, you deepened the kiss even more and Sesshomaru did it by pushing his tongue inside your mouth. You didn’t bother that he hadn’t asked for entrance, in fact you had it expected that way. His tongue roamed your mouth in such a sensual way, you couldn’t contain yourself from moaning in the kiss as you moved your own tongue against his to start a war, which non of you were willing to give up. But after a a while the lack of air ended the battled anyway and you had to brake apart to take a few deep breaths.

Apparently Sesshomaru didn’t need as much oxygen as you, cause after a few moments, he went straight down your neck, nipping and licking at your wet skin. Somewhere at the base of your neck a audible moan slipped from your lips, showing him that he had hot your soft spot and he was right there, biting and sucking the aria, enjoying the moans and sighs, coming from you. When he was done, you were sure a purple mark was left on your neck.

He was about to to attach his lips to yours again, you quickly moved your head to his ear and whispered seductively "My turn", then you trailed butterfly kisses down his neck, nibbling at his skin every now and then. Suddenly you bit down, not enough to brake his skin but enough to make him moan deeply, a really sexy sound to you. Licking the spot one last time, you let go of Sesshomaru’s neck and lifted your to kiss him again.

While another hot make out session Sesshomaru grabbed your bottom and pulled you a bit out of the water. Then he let his lips glide down your neck, straight to your breasts and took one of your nipples in his mouth. You moaned out his name as he started to suck on it strongly, flicking his tongue over it once in a while. Gripping his long hair, you pulled Sesshomaru closer as he softly bit down on your nipple until it was heard. He switched to the other breasts and repeated the pleasurable treatment to this one, making you moan out loudly.

You were too wrapped up in all the passion, that you didn’t notice how Sesshomaru’s hand travelled down your curves and in between your tights. He stroke your womanhood teasingly, which made you crave for more but he didn’t made any afford to go further. Not able to take it any longer, you pleaded "Sesshomaru please". He just chuckled and whispered hoarsely "That’s for what you’ve done with me the last few days" but then finally you felt two finger enter your womanhood. With a loud moan, you threw your head back as Sesshomaru started to work his fingers in and out of your entrance, adding a third finger. You felt your walls tighten around Sesshomaru’s finger and your climax coming nearer but when you were about to come he suddenly withdrew his fingers. But Sesshomaru wasn’t done with you, he lifted you up and carried you over to a flat rock, where he laid you down. "Don’t think I’m already done with you" he warned before he nudged your legs apart, then dived down and licked at your womanhood. At first you moaned just softly bur cried out in pleasure as he entered you with his tongue. Clawing at the rock, you tried to keep your moans more silent as Sesshomaru stroke your inside, letting not a tiny space untouched. It don’t needed all to much of this treatment until you came with a loud moan.

You lifted yourself up in a sitting position and pulled Sesshomaru in a headed kiss, showing how much you needed and wanted him right now. He responded with the same longing and slipped his tongue back into your mouth to let your taste yourself. Soon you both couldn’t take the waiting any longer and so Sesshomaru pushed you softly on your back again and crawled on top of you, all this without braking the kiss. "You ready?" Sesshomaru asked after braking away. You simply answered by wrapping your legs around his waist and grinding your hips up against his.

This was all he deeded and with one trust he pushed his complete length inside of you, stilling the desire you both shared since the first time you met. You moaned deeply, happy that this time of desires was finally over and trapped your arms around Sesshomaru’s neck, signaling for him to go on. And he did, with one last deep breath, he pulled himself out of you, just to push it back inside, locking you both in a dance of love and lust. Moving your body with his, a rhythm was soon set up, making you move together as one. But you wanted so much more and moaned for Sesshomaru to go faster and harder, what he did without hesitation. Is trust grew more urgent and wilder, while both your moans became louder and more animalistic, shower the pleasure this all gave to you. It still wasn’t enough for you and so you screamed on last time for Sesshomaru to give you all he could. Sesshomaru pulled himself nearly out of you, before slammed it into you with such a force, it made you scream his name from the top of your lungs. He repeated this a few times more, until you could feel that you nearly had reached your peak and with one last, hard trust he pushed you over it, directly in a see of ecstasy, making you scream out one last time. Sesshomaru buried himself deep inside of you and also came with an deep, animalistic growl.

You laid there, painting heavily, your hands slipped from his shoulders and over his muscular chest as you slowly drifted into a deep sleep.

As you opened your eyes again, you found yourself in a bedroom you didn’t knew but it didn’t bother you as soon as you realized what you pillow was. You found yourself cuddled against Sesshomaru’s chest, with him stroking your hair and body lovingly. Lifting your head sleepily, you meet two golden eyes, bit this time they weren’t cold, no they were warm and full of love. "Morning" you mumbled happily and snuggled back in the comfortable warmth of Sesshomaru’s body. "Haru, I want to asked you something" Sesshomaru’s words made look back up into his eyes, where you thought to see a bit of uneasiness. "I know we just know each other for a short time but I already have developed strong feelings for you and I want to know if you would like to stay with me and be my mate" For a moment you didn’t know what to say, too overcome from so many different feelings but eventually you found your voice again "Do you really mean that?" Sesshomaru nodded "I want to be sure that you’re mine and only mine. I love you" "I love you, too" you smiled happily "And I want nothing more than to be your mate" With that Sesshomaru pulled you up and gave you a kiss full of love, in which process he slowly rolled you over. Braking away from you lips, he moved down your neck to the mark he left on you and bit down on it, giving you the real mark, that made you his forever.


  1. Love the one-shot and quizilla told me not to even post the link to my lemon or else my account would be deleted.

  2. Umm hi if you don't mind, could you write me a lemon for my oc with Sesshomaru? I really loved this and I've had the same problems with quizilla x.x